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~Ad design~


Wah banana video

increase budget $25 (same)

Fitness video should fit fitness ad

  • Test out two new creatives (another possible creative could be of the Wahbanana video)
  • Select 2-3 best-performing ads (ideally different from each other) and run them with a  $100 budget
  • Run a Facebook ad optimised for downloads


FB ads

Featured users —>

Tell someone’s story —> user’s story

Fake picture jame

—> looking for friends


found a badminton partner

found love

SUP The App tasks

—> Go through google webmaster tool with them



I’ve added you as a Developer on the Facebook App Analytics.

You can go to and register for Facebook Developers, and then once you’ve done so, you’ll see a pending invitation for SUP.  Once you accept that invitation you can see the following pages:

I think there’s still something missing in our configuration of the Facebook SDK:



Because if you choose breakdowns by Install source, you’ll see that there have been 256 new installs of SUP in the past 90 days, of which 247 have been from “Other Source” and 9 have been “Facebook Organic” and none from “Facebook Ad”.  Of course, it’s also possible that there just haven’t been any installs from the Facebook ads.  But I wouldn’t reach that conclusion yet, because I think we are missing something in the Facebook SDK.  I’ll read it again and then ask our front end developer.

1) Are we done with figuring out the Facebook SDK? Based on what I understand, implementing that still helps, as we can attribute actual FB logins to the ads …. Even though now that we can ask users to install from FB, that should be a decent proxy too?

2) Depending on your answer to #1, I’d like to start running the ads again soon, now that we’re on the AppStore. Given your earlier concerns about showing the ads to the same people, we can (a) explore a bigger daily budget and (b) think about different audiences we can serve it to if need be (e.g., not just females, not just using lookalike audiences). I’d also think through the complicated FB ads article I sent you – we could stagger our messaging so that audiences, even if they’re seeing it more than once, might download it after we build awareness…

—> 6 configurations modified based on the baseline ad. Configurations may be from the creatives, age, gender, optimisation categories

1. Please schedule FB and Instagram ads for the next 7 days

—> 6 configurations modified based on the baseline ad. Configurations may be from the creatives, age, gender, optimisation categories

2. Is it possible to run concurrent ads (without cannibalising each ad’s target audience)? Lets double-check.

—> target audience segregated based on age/ gender/

3. If so, I would like to run 2 ads concurrently each day, with a budget of $30 for each ad per day, to accelerate our downloads in the near term

One on instagram, one on fb?

4. If for some reason we think it’s better to put all the budget to 1 ad (for instance, to get a good relevance score), then let’s put $50 against one ad per day.

5. That means, a budget of $400 – 500 in the next week or so.

6. The goal, primarily, is so that we can get up the AppStore rankings — right now supmenow and another app is ahead of us when users type SUP

7. Secondarily, for some reason, FB ads isn’t allowing us to optimise for downloads right now but we think it will after we’ve had more downloads.

  • When you set a campaign and click on “get more installs for your app” (instead of optimise for website clicks, which we’ve done historically), it allows you to optimise for downloads or impressions.
  • Right now it says we don’t have enough data (or something like that) go optimise for downloads. Hence, Calvin has been optimising for impressions.
  • We think this means you need to “teach” them more about our downloads through impressions advertising right now before they can optimise for downloads.
  • If you can, do validate our hypothesis too.

8. We may want to break up the 7 days into two buckets / take a pause on Monday to check if #7 has changed.

  • We may want to check in in a few days (say Monday) to see if they allow us to optimise for downloads post advertising for a few days.
  • If they do, we may want to change the second batch of ads to optimise for downloads instead. My guess is that this is better.
  • Again, please try to validate my hypotheses by reading up online.
  • And if we’re not sure, we can still optimise for downloads, then compare the results against optimising for impressions.

9. I’m open to increasing #5 if need be, or putting more money in upfront, so we try to get more downloads sooner.

Thanks much!

—> module


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