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Malik-Silicon-Valley-Winner-Take-All-690 (1)

(Richard Branson, Virgin Airline)

1. Prices can be jacked up when supply is low
2. Rebranding to another target group who don’t know about the background of the product
3. Eating is a social eat. Your preference for food is unmeasurably influenced by a nearby consumer
He has expressed deep skepticism about U.S. military interventions overseas. And, despite his infamous comment that a Black Lives Matter protester at one of his rallies deserved to be roughed up, he hasn’t endorsed the sort of systematic violence that characterizes Fascist movements.


acquisition (great marketing [get your product to trend] BrandYourself) -> activation (tutorial, send an email to remind them to complete their registration. OKcupid, dropbox) -> retention (email them to remind them to use the app. eventbrite, Path) -> referral (make it easy to share Facebook)
^lean marketing funnel
ideally, retention of current users should lead to activation by new users
A/B testing: testing current product/ set-up with a modified product/ set-up


Disruptive marketing:
Kodak, Tweeds from the parent company of Uniqlo


Expending your companies’ current capabilities, causing you to adopt new work styles on top of your current one to continue growing. E.g. Macdonalds -> increased sophistication and variety of food, southwest airline -> enabling business class compartment on top of quick turnover flights, traditional restaurants with mum as main chef expanding and hence needing to teach new chefs the recipes


Donald rumstrol. Peri peri. Japanese navy. 1870 -> harvard japanese dudes (adaptability) -> send email, an alternative to skype



clipping mask, delete front layer, control + g, control + e (merge), drawing shapes and holding the shift button down, control + d (duplication instead of typing things out manually)

Scheduling Apps




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