Compliant, blazer three

Tanjong pajar

shipping is expensive. They charge you a one-time fee as well as a cost/ lb fee, hence, buy local if possible.

Your understanding of Forex diamond ea and MT4. (Refer to the Forex diamond document/ manual)

Hummus or houmous is a Levantine and Egyptian food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

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Phil Darnowsky

Phil Darnowsky, I know things and have opinions

369.2k ViewsUpvoted by Michelle RosesDan Holliday1 other you follow
Richard Muller 

Richard Muller, Prof Physics, UC Berkeley, author “The Instant Physicist”

73.6k ViewsRichard is a Most Viewed Writer in Philosophy of Everyday Life.
Avinav Prakash

Avinav Prakash, Waiting to tell you something new!

83.7k ViewsUpvoted by Bala Senthil KumarXu Beixi
Tim Hibbetts

Tim Hibbetts, A-6E, F/A-18C pilot

322.7k ViewsUpvoted by Robert Frost, Instructor at NASA; responsible for training astronauts and flight controllers for the Internationa…Jon DavisJae Won Joh5 others you follow
Answer featured in The Huffington Post.
Dan Holliday

Dan Holliday, I am an American

32.7k ViewsUpvoted by Shane Ryoo, an AmericanMichael WolfeErica Friedman3 others you follow
Dipti Raj

Dipti Raj, …learning to write…

291.4k ViewsUpvoted by Mitul Mehta, Father Husband Son Brother
Brianna Thorpe

Brianna Thorpe, Nuclear/particle physics researcher, model, dancer, wanna-be dinosaur

Gabriel Harper

Gabriel Harper, Freelance Brain Surgeon

116.7k ViewsUpvoted by Ariel WilliamsBarry Hampe1 other you follow
Jennifer Ellis

Jennifer Ellis, I live here

607.6k ViewsUpvoted by Laura Hale, US citizen with a US education
Klara Sjo

Klara Sjo, Travels too much by plane

167.5k ViewsUpvoted by Mitul Mehta, I’ve visited >20 countries and 45 states (US) and Puerto Rico
Klara is a Most Viewed Writer in Visiting and Travel.
Dale Thomas

Dale Thomas, Robotics researcher, game developer, and writer of horror/sci-fi

102.3k ViewsUpvoted by Adam Nyhan, Attorney at Opticliff Law
Dale is a Most Viewed Writer in Making Money Online.
Christopher Hawk

Christopher Hawk, 20-year police patrol veteran, specializing in traffic (particularly DUI and …

48.5k ViewsUpvoted by Randy Russell, Retired Police Lt., Major Southern Sheriff’s OfficeAlex WuAriel Williams3 others you follow
My dad is a professional gambler and he gave my sister and me each $25k. The first one of us who doubles the money anyhow wins another $250k. Should I just bet all at once in Roulette?
Steve Waddington

Steve Waddington, Network Engineer, CIO and CEO. Current Gemologist

98.9k ViewsUpvoted by Oliver EmbertonAndrew Hamada
Prashanth Ramanathan

Prashanth Ramanathan, smarter is better

233.4k ViewsUpvoted by Sachin Bhandary, Visited Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Italy, Spain, UK, Thailand, Lanka & others
Jimmy Wales 

Jimmy Wales, Founder, Wikipedia

111.4k ViewsUpvoted by Marc BodnickOliver Emberton3 others you follow
Jimmy is a Most Viewed Writer in Wikimedia Foundation.
Julie Anne Exter

Julie Anne Exter, is a parent

74k ViewsUpvoted by Christopher Lamke, Father of three kids with most of my traits, good and badJae Won JohMarc Bodnick2 others you follow
Answer featured in Fatherly.
Naveen Kumar M

Naveen Kumar M, Releasing shutter since 2010

37.7k ViewsUpvoted by Xu Beixi
Ellen Vrana

Ellen Vrana, Former McKinsey consultant

228.4k ViewsUpvoted by Andrew Boysen, PhD student, studying strategy and entrepreneurship at Wharton
Ellen is a Most Viewed Writer in Management Consulting.
Adam D'Angelo 

Adam D’Angelo, Quora Founder & CEO

85k ViewsUpvoted by Charlie Cheever, Quora FounderSarah Smith, VP – HR, Recruiting & User OperationsHongping Lim, Staff Engineer
Adam is a Most Viewed Writer in Quora (company).
Justine Musk 

Justine Musk

157.4k ViewsUpvoted by Alexander van Hattem, Human, Doctor, Mental Health ProfessionalNan Waldman, Counsel to families who want to improve their children’s educationThaddeus Howze, Mentor, Experience in Staff DevelopmentMarc BodnickCamMi Pham1 other you follow
Anis Farheen

Anis Farheen, This is what makes my walk on thorns as petals, and fire as ice !

11.1k ViewsUpvoted by Dushka Zapata

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